Our law firm offers highly professional legal assistance at competitively low prices.

We provide each and every one of our clients with prompt individual attention and promise to meet all time deadlines. Our clients speak to lawyers directly and are always informed about the status of their case. We assist our clients in reaching their goals by solving their problems efficiently, quickly and within the margins of the smallest budgets.


- Motor Vehicle Accidents, including:

- Pedestrians, Bicyclists, public transportation (buses, trains, etc.), cases against the uninsured and hit and run cases.

- Construction/ Work-Related Accidents, including:

- Falls from ladders, scaffolds, demolitions, asbestos removal; injuries incurred as result of faulty machinery and product liability cases;

- Sidewalk/ Building Accidents, including:

- Slips and falls in staircases, elevators, public transportation (train, bus), parks, playgrounds, on sidewalks, ice and/ or snow, animal bites.

- Medical Malpractice, including:

- hospital mistreatment, birth malpractice Wrongful Death

Consultations in accident matters are free of charge. We will not collect payment until after we win your case. If the situation requires it, we will travel to the hospital or our client's home. We work with first class trial attorneys.

We will help you to obtain compensation regardless of your immigration status. Many of our clients reside in the United States illegally, and yet we have won them high compensations without putting them at risk of deportation or problems with governmental agencies.


- Emigration to the United States, including:

- Employment Sponsorship

- Family Sponsorship

- Aliens of exceptional abilities and extraordinary abilities (artists, scholars, scientists, athletes, etc.)

- Visas/ Change of Status:

- H1B: Employment Visas for Professionals (min. Bachelor's degree required)

- F, M: Student Visas

- B: Business or Visitor Visas (extension or change of status)

- J, Q: Student or Cultural Exchange Visas

- K: Fiancee Visas for fiancees' of U.S. Citizens

- Deportation

- Naturalization/ Citizenship

- Checking status of the case

- Interview assistance at USCIS offices

Our firm practices immigration law in all territories of the United States (all 50 states). The above-mentioned list does not include all possible immigration categories- it is simply a representation of those that are most common. We ask you to contact our office even if a category that you are interested in is not included on the list. We may still be able to assist you!


- Purchases/ Sales (Closings)

- Refinancing

- Family property transfers

- Co-operatives/ Condominiums

- Residential and Commercial Property

- Multifamily

We know that Your transaction is the most important one in Your life!

With this is mind, it is always our goal to provide our clients with the highest quality professional service, characterized by individual approach and comprehensive informing about case status. We take each transaction very seriously and personally monitor all of its stages from beginning to end.

At the beginning of the transaction, we will explain to our client the overall procedures of the transaction and of its individual stages. Prior to the signing of the contract, we will explain its most important points and make sure that all necessary items have been included in the contract's content. Next, we will order a title report determining whether there are any liens or other encumbrances on the property which might prevent or delay its sale. Simultaneously, we will help our client choose the best loan for his/ her individual needs, and we will work together with the bank to ensure a quick and successful closing of the transaction. At the closing, we will represent the client, making sure that everything proceeds properly and that all of our client's interests are fully protected.

After the transaction takes place, we will remain to answer our clients' questions and help out with any problems that might arise in the future.


- Individual Bankruptcy

- Business Law, including:

- Assistance in choosing the right legal form for Your business

- Forming of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

- Purchase/Sale of Business

- Alcohol Licenses

- Business Contracts

- Wills / Testaments

- Landlord & Tenant matters, including:

- Leases

- Evictions

- Failure to pay rent